About Me

All my life, I have been interested in making homes better and more beautiful places to live. When I decided to wed right after high school, funds were limited, I was young, and learning to decorate on a budget was a necessity. We purchased an old house, and my father and I proceeded to make this house into a home. Over 42 years later, this old house is a beautiful home full of memories and sweat equity. Having an old house is an education in itself; my skills for sewing, using tools, and just generally doing things for myself have improved, and home improvement became second nature to me.

I soon became interested in pursuing Interior Design as a career. After studying Interior Design at Anderson College, I worked with other designers before opening my own shop in July of 1987 in a little town called Pendleton, SC. My labor skills and experience as a retail business owner translate into an understanding of how things are supposed to be done when it comes to interior design, and equips me to deal with contractors on equal footing.

My love for homes and people helped me decide to branch out and go to school to become a Realtor®. After 7 years of juggling real estate and interior design, I decided that I was really happier just decorating, and gave up my real estate license. The experience, however, educated me on how to stage a home to sell. Listening to buyers and other Realtors® critique homes was beneficial to an understanding of what buyers desire. Having seen just about everything that you can imagine regarding homes, both negative and positive, I feel qualified to suggest ideas that can make a home more appealing to buyers. This knowledge also applies to creating a business environment that is more attractive to clients and customers.

Being a designer involves not only having good background knowledge and technical execution skills, but also requires the ability to visualize and achieve results that satisfy the needs of the individual client. These qualities are not learned from textbooks, nor is the ability to communicate ideas effectively on a professional yet personal level. These traits are both innate and acquired from experience in dealing with people throughout all stages of the life process.

My work is my joy, and helping other people to live more comfortably and in a more pleasing space, is fulfilling to me. My other career, Organist and Choir Director for Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Anderson, SC, is fulfilling in other ways as well, and the interaction with the people is invaluable to my personal development. I am also involved in the Arts aspect of the community of Anderson, and I sing with the GAMAC Chorale.

I am also currently serving on the Board of Architectural Review for the City Of Anderson, which is responsible for making decisions concerning changes to exterior facades for businesses and homes in the Historic Districts of our city. It is exciting to watch the progress as changes develop and the city becomes more beautiful, and realize that I am involved in the final decisions that are helping to shape a more vibrant community for our citizens.